Tenanted Retail along Manly Beach's main thoroughfare between the harbour and ocean beaches. Not far from the Manly Ferry terminal, this 36 m2 Retail is fitted with serving counter, kitchenette, and rear access [to Whistler Street], with a street frontage to pedestrian traffic along the busy Corso.

The tenant is an established business, 'CHUU' serving salads and juices. The tenant is on a 5 year lease.

Return is 4.1% gross, with a net yield of approx. 3.3%.

Although Covid has impacted on overseas tourists visiting Manly, [Manly typically receives 7 million tourists per annum] it is felt that these will return. Manly, as the Northern Beaches main destination, is a growing area and maintains its position as the premium commercial property location on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The Corso is home to many international brands, with property being in the hands of a limited number of owners.

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